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Wetlands Alberta

Engaging Albertans to conserve and protect wetlands


18% of Alberta’s land base is covered by wetlands.

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As a landowner, your efforts to conserve and protect soil, water, air, and wildlife habitat have great impact. These publications offer more insight and information about how you can help protect and conserve wetlands on your lands.


Landowner Guide to the Alberta Wetland Policy
This guide helps Alberta landowners understand their rights and responsibilities under the Wetland Policy and looks at practices and programs for landowners interested in wetland stewardship and restoration.

Caring for the Green Zone: Riparian Areas and Grazing Management
Part of the Cows & Fish program, this booklet offers a wealth of information for ranchers, farmers and livestock producers.

Wetlands on my Lands
A landowner guide for restoring and maintaining wetlands in Alberta.

Other Resources and Related links
A website from Ducks Unlimited Canada offering landowners and producers resources and information about wetland conservation, and implementing sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.

Nature Conservancy Canada Resource Centre
The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is a leader in conservation science and planning. Learn more about some of the concepts and terms behind their work or download some of their conservation planning documents.

Wetland classification information

  • Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide
  • Legislation, policy and regulatory information

  • Alberta Environment and Parks’ Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS)
  • Water Act
  • Alberta Wetland Policy
  • Public Lands Act
  • Municipal Government Act
  • BMPs for wetland stewardship

  • Alberta Environmental Farm Plan program
  • Beneficial management practices: environmental manual for crop producers in Alberta
  • Beneficial management practices: environmental manual for Alberta cow/calf producers
  • Cows and Fish: Grazing management
  • Cattle Wintering Sites: Managing for Good Stewardship
  • Wintering Site Assessment and Design Tool
  • Wetland stewardship programs

  • Wetland Replacement Program restores nearly 160 hectares of wetland in Alberta
  • ALUS Canada: Become a Participant
  • Cows and Fish
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada: Farm solutions made in Alberta
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada: FAQs about DUCs Wetland Restoration Lease Program