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Wetlands Alberta

Engaging Albertans to conserve and protect wetlands


Alberta’s was one of the first governments to formally identify wetlands as an important part of the larger environment.

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Wetland stewardship can include elements of wetland protection, on the ground action, and/or wetland education. Wetland stewardship is something everyone can take part in, either on their own or together with a larger organization. There are a number of groups and agencies doing stewardship work in these areas.

Wetlands are wonderful places and need to be conserved now and for future generations. Here are just a few suggestions for things you can do to protect this valued resource. Learn more about wetland conservation and the resources available to help.

What can I do to help?

  • Visit a local wetland to understand more about how it functions, its diversity and how you can help protect or enhance them. Check out our Visit a Wetland feature to find a wetland near you.
  • Participate in the Alberta Amphibian Monitoring Program.
  • Take part in Alberta Water Quality Awareness Day. Visit for more information.
  • Get involved with a local Watershed Stewardship Group or group that manages a recognized wetland. Check out the Alberta Stewardship Network to learn more.

If you have a wetland on your property

  • Maintain natural water levels. Do not drain or fill in wetlands. Any activity that could impact a wetland is subject to authorization under the Alberta Water Act.
  • Maintain healthy areas of vegetation around your wetland.
  • Fence wetlands and provide alternative water sources for livestock.
  • Prevent excess nutrients and chemicals from entering wetlands including wastewater from domestic, industrial and livestock use.