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Wetlands Alberta

Engaging Albertans to conserve and protect wetlands


Wetlands are great places to relax and have some fun.

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Did you know that if you want to disturb, drain or fill in a wetland that you need an approval to do so? All water in the province is managed by the Crown, which means that the Alberta Government needs to approve disturbances to water on public and on private land. Developers and individuals that are approved to disturb wetlands will need to develop a wetland mitigation plan.

Protecting and Conserving Alberta’s Wetlands

Alberta’s wetlands face unprecedented pressures from population growth, industrial expansion and climate change. Public education, improved stewardship, responsible land management and an effective wetland policy are required to ensure protection and conservation of the province’s remaining wetlands.

Learn more about the legislation, the policy and the tools that are in place to help protect Alberta’s wetlands.