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Wetlands Alberta

Engaging Albertans to conserve and protect wetlands


A watershed is an area of land that drains to a common point.

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Government & Other Organizations

Whether you are with a local government, not-for-profit organization, watershed group or just an individual interested in learning about protecting and conserving Alberta’s wetlands, these resources are here to help you do more.

Alberta Wetland Policy
Alberta’s Wetland Policy was created in 2013. Implementation of the policy will minimize the loss and degradation of wetlands, while allowing for continued growth and economic development in the province.

Alberta Wetland Policy Implementation
Learn more about the tools and processes that have been created to support implementation of the Alberta Water Policy.

Alberta Water Act
All activities impacting wetlands are regulated under the Water Act. According to the Water Act, no wetland may be drained or altered without first receiving authorization to do so from the province.

Alberta Wetlands: A Law and Policy Guide
A report on on law and policies relevant to protecting sensitive environmental areas and habitat in Alberta.

Management and Planning Tools for Wetland Protection
Wetland conservation is made possible through a strong network of strategies, partnerships and programs developed over the last few decades in Alberta.