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Engaging Albertans to conserve and protect wetlands


Wetlands can help reduce the effects of flooding.

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Wetland Stewardship

Wetland stewardship can include elements of wetland protection, on the ground action, and/or wetland education. There are a number of existing groups and agencies doing stewardship work in these three areas already that you can join in on. Wetland Stewardship is something everyone can take part in through activities such as:

  • Getting involved with a group that manages a recognized wetland to assist with site management.
  • Visiting and learning more about wetlands to understand more about their diversity and how to help protect or enhance them.
  • Ensuring that wetlands on your land or neighbours land do not get encroached on or damaged – talk to your neighbours about it.
  • Keep pesticides and fertilizers away from wetlands on your property.
  • Consider establishing a conservation easement for wetlands on your property to ensure they are protected for future generations.

Wetland stewardship is recognized in Alberta’s Wetland Policy as an important component of effective wetland management in Alberta. A range of initiatives are under development to encourage wetland stewardship activities that will help sustain the benefits that wetlands provide.

Learn more about what you can do to help maintain or improve wetlands.